Top Software Testing Best Practices and Automation Strategy

Top Software Testing Best Practices and Automation Strategy

Test Automation Services and Tools are much hyped by our software testing and quality assurance industry. They are an integral part of our enterprise application development lifecycle. With the automation testing becoming an essential part of our software testing life cycle (STLC), from business owners to customers, various people are involved in this whole cycle.(…)

Model Based Testing

Model based testing is the test approach which uses models for testing. The whole idea behind model based testing approach is to design a model which represents the desired behavior of system under test. Once the model is ready then the model based testing tools like specexplorer can be used to automatically generate the test cases(…)

What is Risk Mitigation or Risk Control?

The third step in the risk management is risk mitigation or risk control. After assessing the risk in your project you must control them. In order to control the risks you can use following options. Mitigation: In mitigation we take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of the risk or to reduce the impact of(…)

What is Risk Analysis?

Risk analysis is the second step of risk management. In risk analysis you study the risks identified is the identification phase and assign the level of risk to each item. You first need to categorize the risks and then need to determine the level of risk by specifying likelihood and impact of the risk. Likelihood(…)

What is Risk Identification?

Risk identification is the first step in risk management. We need to identify both project and product risk by using certain techniques. Some of the most common techniques which can be applied to identify different risks are using risk templates, interviewing the stakeholders, project retrospectives etc. You should try to include as many stakeholders as(…)

What is Risk Management?

In the article what is risk based testing we have already understood what a risk is. Now, we will focus on activities to manage the risk. The process of identifying the risk (Product risk or Project risk), analyzing the risk and then mitigating the risk or controlling the risk is known as Risk Management. So, you(…)

Importance of metrics and measurement in SDLC

During all the software development life cycle it is very important to apply metrics and measurement because metrics and measurement set expectations. If there are well established metrics and measurements in project then the test analyst can easily track and report quality results to the management. If the metrics & measurements are not established properly(…)

Guidelines for Software Testing.

Software Testing is not only about finding defects during test execution. Following are the key guidelines for software testing for improving product quality and delivering quality software product. 1. Testing should uncover software defects and improve software quality. Test team should focus on finding the defects in the software like any deviation from the software requirement specification(…)

Product Risk Vs Project Risk

What is Product Risk Product risk is the risk associated with the software or system, the possibility that software or system may fail to satisfy end user/customers expectations is known as product risk. There may be the possibility that the software or system does not have the functionality specified by the customer or the stakeholders(…)

What is Risk Based Testing?

Before understanding what is risk based testing you should know what a risk is. A risk is something that has not happened yet and it may never happen in future as well. Risk is the possibility of a negative or undesirable outcome or event. We need to handle risk because if it happens, then it may(…)

How to test Web-Based Applications

What is a web based application A web based application is an application which can be accessed and used over the network. i.e. internet, intranet or extranets. Internet is the worldwide collection of interconnected networks. Intranets are the networks which are used within the organizations by internal employees and extranets are the networks which are(…)

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