Software Testing Tutorials

Why is Testing necessary? – Importance of Software Testing

Testing is very much necessary to rectify the errors made in the software application and make sure good quality before delivering to customers or end users. Software testing is essential as it discovers a defect before it is delivered to customer ensuring good software quality. By performing testing, we can detect...

Difference between Errors, Defects and Failures in Software Testing

Software Testers and quality analysts use terms error, mistakes, faults, bugs, failures, and defects interchangeably. However, they signify and represent different aspects of the software.

PractiTest Requirements Module – Requirement Management in PractiTest

PractiTest provides requirements module where you can start adding all your projects requirements. This should be the first place to start, however you can also add the requirements later as well. Once the requirements are added, you can start writing test cases against those requirements. Test cases are linked to requirements and...

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) – PractiTest

PractiTest supports complete Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). PractiTest provides requirements module which is the first phase in STLC. Once you have the requirements ready, you can add test cases and scenarios in PractiTest test library. Similarly once the test cases are ready you can start executing the test cases and...