ISTQB Foundation Level Training Session 1

ISTQB Foundation Level Training Session 1

This is the first session of the online introductory session of ISTQB CTFL training. I have uploaded the PPT of first session. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more free tutorials and videos on Software Testing.

Different types of assertions.

Assertions in selenium can be used in 3 modes which are explained below: 1. assert: If you use assert in your tests then the test will be aborted if the assert fails. Next test case will start executing in case you are running a test suite. 2. verify: If verify is used then the test(…)

What is Selenese?

Selenese is the set of selenium commands which are used to test your web application. Tester can test the broken links, existence of some object on the UI, Ajax functionality, Alerts, window, list options and lot more using selenese. Selenium command tells selenium automation engine to perform certain tasks. Selenium commands are classified into 3(…)

What is Selenium RC (Remote Control) or Selenium 1.0

Selenium RC solves the limitations of Selenium IDE. It supports various programming languages like (Java,PHP,Perl,Python, Ruby) and leverages the programming languages to achieve logic required in test cases like conditional statements, iterations, exception handling, test reporting, database testing, capturing screen shots of failed tests, test case grouping.

What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox add on which supports record/playback mechanism as some other commercial tools like RFT,QTP,Winrunner etc. By using selenium IDE user can record and playback test cases in Firefox browser. Tester can export the test cases from selenium IDE in any of the native language supported by selenium like Java,(…)

What are the limitations of Selenium.

Some limitations of Selenium Automation tool are as follows: It does not support and non web-based applications, it only supports web based applications. Its an open source tool so in case of any technical issues you need to rely on the selenium community forums to get your issue resolved. You need to know at least(…)

Introduction to Selenium Automation

Selenium was invented by Jason R. Huggins and team while they were working on a project in ThoughtWorks. Initially it was not named as selenium, it was just that they had to test a time and expense application at ThoughtWorks which needed some tool to test DHTML or Ajax. Since none of the paid testing(…)

What is Risk Mitigation or Risk Control?

The third step in the risk management is risk mitigation or risk control. After assessing the risk in your project you must control them. In order to control the risks you can use following options. Mitigation: In mitigation we take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of the risk or to reduce the impact of(…)

What is Risk Analysis?

Risk analysis is the second step of risk management. In risk analysis you study the risks identified is the identification phase and assign the level of risk to each item. You first need to categorize the risks and then need to determine the level of risk by specifying likelihood and impact of the risk. Likelihood(…)

What is Risk Identification?

Risk identification is the first step in risk management. We need to identify both project and product risk by using certain techniques. Some of the most common techniques which can be applied to identify different risks are using risk templates, interviewing the stakeholders, project retrospectives etc. You should try to include as many stakeholders as(…)

What is Risk Management?

In the article¬†what is risk based testing we have already understood what a risk is. Now, we will focus on activities to manage the risk. The process of identifying the risk (Product risk or Project risk), analyzing the risk and then mitigating the risk or controlling the risk is known as Risk Management. So, you(…)

Importance of metrics and measurement in SDLC

During all the software development life cycle it is very important to apply metrics and measurement because metrics and measurement set expectations. If there are well established metrics and measurements in project then the test analyst can easily track and report quality results to the management. If the metrics & measurements are not established properly(…)

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