Selenium Tutorials

Writing your first test case in Selenium WebDriver

In the following post I will go step by step and explain how to write your first test case using Selenium Webdriver and execute it using TestNG. 1. Right click on the src folder ->New -> Package.

How to Setup TestNG with Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse IDE?

In this post I will explain how to setup TestNG in eclipse IDE and then use it for writing your tests in Selenium Webdriver. What is TestNG? –┬áTestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionality that makes it more powerful and easier to use. Some of the functionality(…)

How to Setup Selenium WebDriver in eclipse IDE?

As we know that Selenium is a suite of tools to automate browsers. There is no installable available for selenium webdriver as it is just a jar file which needs to be configured in eclipse IDE before starting to write your test cases in selenium. In this post I will outline the steps to configure(…)

Different types of assertions.

Assertions in selenium can be used in 3 modes which are explained below: 1. assert: If you use assert in your tests then the test will be aborted if the assert fails. Next test case will start executing in case you are running a test suite. 2. verify: If verify is used then the test(…)

What is Selenese?

Selenese is the set of selenium commands which are used to test your web application. Tester can test the broken links, existence of some object on the UI, Ajax functionality, Alerts, window, list options and lot more using selenese. Selenium command tells selenium automation engine to perform certain tasks. Selenium commands are classified into 3(…)

What is Selenium RC (Remote Control) or Selenium 1.0

Selenium RC solves the limitations of Selenium IDE. It supports various programming languages like (Java,PHP,Perl,Python, Ruby) and leverages the programming languages to achieve logic required in test cases like conditional statements, iterations, exception handling, test reporting, database testing, capturing screen shots of failed tests, test case grouping.

What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox add on which supports record/playback mechanism as some other commercial tools like RFT,QTP,Winrunner etc. By using selenium IDE user can record and playback test cases in Firefox browser. Tester can export the test cases from selenium IDE in any of the native language supported by selenium like Java,(…)

What are the limitations of Selenium.

Some limitations of Selenium Automation tool are as follows: It does not support and non web-based applications, it only supports web based applications. Its an open source tool so in case of any technical issues you need to rely on the selenium community forums to get your issue resolved. You need to know at least(…)

Introduction to Selenium Automation

Selenium was invented by Jason R. Huggins and team while they were working on a project in ThoughtWorks. Initially it was not named as selenium, it was just that they had to test a time and expense application at ThoughtWorks which needed some tool to test DHTML or Ajax. Since none of the paid testing(…)