Test Plan and Test Cases

How to write good Test Cases

Every tester writes test cases however many times the test cases are rejected by reviewers because of bad quality, in order to write good test cases one should know what are the characteristics of a good test case. A good test case has certain characteristics which are: 1. Should be accurate and tests what it(…)

Sample Test Case Template

IEEE 829 Standard : Test case template As per IEEE 829 standard the test case should have the following information in Test case. Different organizations have modified this template as per their needs, however any template that is followed by organizations contains all the below mentioned information.

What is TestCase?

A test case is a documentation which specifies input values, expected output and the preconditions for executing the test. IEEE Standard 610 (1990) defines test case as follows: A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance(…)

How to write a Test Plan

Writing a good test plan is very easy, you just need to have an organized approach. You need to understand the purpose of testing before you proceed with the Test Plan. The most important things that should be kept in mind before writing test plan are: 1. What is in scope of Testing. 2. What(…)

Sample Test Plan Template

IEEE 829 standard Test Plan Template The below mentioned Test Plan template is as per IEEE standards, different organizations follow different test plan templates as per their project needs. You can find many variations of Test Plan templates however all of them cover IEEE 829 standard items along with some additional points.

What is Test Plan?

A test plan is a document describing the scope, approach, objectives, resources, and schedule of a software testing effort. It identifies the items to be tested, items not be tested, who will do the testing, the test approach followed, what will be the pass/fail criteria, training needs for team, the testing schedule etc. IEEE 829(…)