JIRA Tutorial #1 – Atlassian JIRA Training Introduction

JIRA tutorial - Atlassian JIRA course introduction - Learn Atlassian JIRA from scratch with simple step-by-step tutorials.

JIRA Tutorial #2 – What is JIRA

In this video I have answered the most widely asked question "What is JIRA". Watch the JIRA tutorial series to learn JIRA from scratch.

JIRA Tutorial #3 – JIRA Issue | What is issue in JIRA

JIRA tutorial #3 - Learn about JIRA issue in this tutorial, watch this tutorial series on Atlassian JIRA and use JIRA effectively in your projects.

JIRA Tutorial #4 – JIRA Issue Types | JIRA Standard Issue Types

JIRA tutorial # 4 - Learn about JIRA issue types in this tutorial, this Atlassian JIRA tutorial series covers all the aspect of JIRA tool for using it in the Agile development projects.

JIRA Tutorial #5 – Change Layout of the Issue Search Results Screen

In this tutorial, you will learn about JIRA issue layout and how to change the layout of issue search screen. You can configure the columns in JIRA issue search screen and select the columns relevant for you to show on the issue search screen. Also, you can update the issue...

JIRA Tutorial #6 – JIRA Homepage Introduction

Learn about key JIRA homepage components and get familiar with all the features on JIRA homepage. In this Jira homepage introduction video we will understand about key sections of Jira homepage.

JIRA Tutorial #7 – Update JIRA User Preferences | JIRA Profile Image

In this tutorial, you will learn how to update JIRA user preferences and JIRA profile picture. You can change JIRA profile picture by following this simple JIRA tutorial.

JIRA Tutorial #8 – JIRA Gadgets Tutorial | Adding Gadgets in JIRA

This tutorial, explains about Gadgets in JIRA. JIRA Gadgets are very helpful in getting additional functionalities in JIRA as required by your project. You can easily add JIRA Gadgets from Atlassian marketplace.