Types of Testing

Maintenance Testing

Maintenance Testing is done on the already deployed software. The deployed software needs to be enhanced, changed or migrated to other hardware. The Testing done during this enhancement, change and migration cycle is known as maintenance testing. Levitra information http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/levitra/ Once the software is deployed in operational environment it needs...

Globalization Testing

In the current scenario of the global marketplace, it is very important to make software products which are sensitive to the different location and cultural expectations of users around the world. Most non-English-speaking customers have operating system in their native language and they expect that computer programs will not...

Confirmation Testing or Re-testing

Confirmation testing is also known as re-testing. Confirmation Testing is done to make sure that the tests cases which failed in last execution are passing after the defects against those failures are fixed. For Example: Suppose you were testing some software application and you found defects in some component. (more…)