People skills are very important for the test manager role. In order to succeed in test manager role it is very important that you recruit and maintain the test team with proper mix of skills. As skills requirement changes with every new project or client it is very important that test manager arranges proper training for the team members so they are up to date with the latest required skill set.

people skills and team composition

People Skills and Test Team Composition

If test team members are not given opportunities to learn new skills they become least performing and dissatisfied testers.

It is also very important for test manager that apart from technical skills his team has other time management skills, soft skills etc. to perform effectively under high pressure.

In this module we will learn how you can assess the skills of your team members and how to fill the gaps to create a synergistic team. We will also learn how to communicate within the team and organization.

As a test manager role it is also very important to keep your  team motivated to achieve the best possible outcome from the team. We will also learn many techniques to motivate your team.