Test Design Techniques

Multiple Condition Coverage

Condition coverage is correlated to decision coverage as whenever any decision is to be taken, focus will be on number of possible conditions. Multiple Condition

Multiple Condition Decision Coverage

Multiple Condition Decision Coverage(MCDC) is also known as Modified Condition Decision Coverage. In MCDC each condition should be evaluated at least once which affects the

Condition Coverage or Predicate Coverage

  Condition coverage is seen for Boolean expression, condition coverage ensures whether all the Boolean expressions have been evaluated to both TRUE and FALSE. Condition

Decision Coverage or Branch Coverage

Decision Coverage Decision Coverage is also known as Branch Coverage. Whenever there are two or more possible exits from the statement like an IF statement,

Line Coverage or Statement Coverage

Line coverage and statement coverage are two metrics used in software testing to measure the effectiveness of test cases. They assess the extent to which

What is Error Guessing

What is Error Guessing ? Software application is a part of our daily life. It may be in a laptop, mobile phone, or any digital

Decision Table Testing

What is a Decision Table It is a table that shows different combination inputs with their associated outputs; this is also known as a cause-effect

UseCase Testing

Before explaining Usecase Testing lets first understand what is a UseCase A Usecase is a description of a particular use of the system by the