Types of Testing

Maintenance Testing

Maintenance Testing is done on the already deployed software. The deployed software needs to be enhanced, changed or migrated to other hardware. The Testing done

Globalization Testing

In the current scenario of the global marketplace, it is very important to make software products which are sensitive to the different location and cultural

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability means the capability of the software to interact with other systems/software’s or software components. Interoperability testing means testing the software to check if it

Exploratory Testing

As the name suggests exploratory testing is about exploring more into the software and finding about the software. In exploratory testing tester focuses more on

Confirmation Testing or Re-testing

Confirmation testing is also known as re-testing. Confirmation Testing is done to make sure that the tests cases which failed in last execution are passing

Usability Testing

Usability means the software’s capability to be learned and understood easily and how attractive it looks to the end user. Usability Testing is a black

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is done for the software in order to verify that the software is stable enough for further testing. it has a collection of

Sanity Testing

When there are some minor issues with software and a new build is obtained after fixing the issues then instead of doing complete regression testing