Test Deliverables

What are Test Results

Introduction : Reporting test execution results is an essential part of Testing; whenever the test execution cycle is complete, the tester should make a full

What is Test Data

What is Test Data in Software Testing? Test Data in Software Testing is the input given to a software program during test execution. It represents

What is Test Strategy

What Is a Test Strategy? Test strategy is a high-level plan with principles guiding the software testing process. It provides a structured approach to the

Test Case Document

A test case is a defined format for Software Testing required to check if a particular application/software is working or not. It consists of a

Test Plan Document

Introduction to Test Plan A test plan is a document that consists of all future testing-related activities. It is prepared at the project level, and

What are Test Deliverables

Test Deliverables are the artifacts which are given to the stakeholders of software project during the software development lifecycle. There are different test deliverables at