SoapUI API Testing Tutorial

SoapUI Tutorial #9 – XmlHolder | Parsing XML Requests

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about XmlHolder class and how to parse XML requests in SoapUI.You will learn to write Groovy code and parse the request in SoapUI and populate the required values in Soap request before sending the request.

SoapUI Tutorial #10 – Send | Run Request from Groovy in SoapUI

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn how to use a Groovy script to send the Soap request automatically.In the last tutorial, we understood how to populate the XML nodes and form the payload. This tutorial will explain how to run the same request.

SoapUI Tutorial #11 – Verify XML Response using Groovy | SoapUI Assert

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn how to verify Soap XML response using Groovy and use Assert to verify the actual response is as per expected.

SoapUI Tutorial #12 – Assertions in SoapUI | Assertion Categories

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about basic Assertions in SoapUI. We will cover basic assertion categories like contains assertion, not contains assertion, SLA assertion, TestStep specific assertion, compliance assertions, and more.

SoapUI Tutorial #13 – XPath Assertion in SoapUI | XPath Match Assertion

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about the XPATH assertion in SoapUI.You will learn the XPATH match assertion step by step and will be able to apply XPATH assertion for any Soap response.

SoapUI Tutorial #14-Introduction to REST API | SoapUI REST API Testing

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will cover the introduction to REST API and learn about REST API from very basic and understand some of the key concepts of REST API.We will understand SoapUI Rest API testing using one of the sample REST API.

SoapUI Tutorial #15 – Common Methods in RESTful Services

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about some of the common HTTP methods in RESTful Services.The methods we will cover in this tutorial are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE which are very commonly used HTTP methods while testing REST APIs.

SoapUI Tutorial #16 – REST API End-to-End Testing in SoapUI – Part 1

In this SoapUI Tutorial, we will learn about REST API end-to-end testing using property transfer in SoapUI.We will start with basic concepts and then understand how to utilize property transfer to create an end to end test cases for REST APIs in SoapUI.