How to test Web-Based Applications

What is a web based application

A web based application is an application which can be accessed and used over the network. i.e. internet, intranet or extranets. Internet is the worldwide collection of interconnected networks. Intranets are the networks which are used within the organizations by internal employees and extranets are the networks which are used by organization internally as well as by the business partners of the organization.

Web Based architecture is an extension of client/server architecture, however both cannot be considered as same. There is a difference between both the architectures. In client/server architecture the client workstation have the application software which is used to communicate to the application server but in the web-based application the client machines have the web browsers and these client machine are networked to the web server by either LAN(Local Area Network) or WAN(Wide Area Network).

Important points to consider before testing Web-Based applications.

  1. Compatibility with different browsers 

    Testers should test the Web-based application on different browsers to make sure that the application behavior is consistent on all the browsers.


  1. Functional testing 

    The functionality of the application like, calculation, business logic, validation links and navigation should be proper.


  1. Usability 

    Testers should also focus on the ease is use of the Web-Based application. The appearance of the web pages, the navigation should be proper and user friendly. Look and feel of the application should be good.


  1. Integration 

    The integration between browsers and server, hardware and software, applications and data should be validated by the tester.


  1. Security 

    Security of any Web-Based application is the most important factor while testing it. The security of Web-Based application should be validated properly by the tester. The authorization and access control of the application should be properly tested. Security controls should be validated properly.


  1. Performance 

    The performance of the Web-Based application should also be validated properly. Web-Based application should be load tested and stress tested properly.