Beta Testing

Beta Testing is done after alpha testing. Testing done by the potential or existing users, customers and end users at the external site without developers

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is done to ensure confidence in the product or for internal acceptance testing, alpha testing is done at the developers site by independent

Security Testing

Security Testing tests the ability of the system/software to prevent unauthorized access to the resources and data. Security Testing needs to cover the six basic

Install Testing

Install Testing is done to ensure that the software and its components get installed successfully and function properly post installation. While doing Install testing, test

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is done to determine the software characteristics like response time, throughput or MIPS (Millions of instructions per second) at which the system/software operates.

Stress Testing

What is Stress testing Stress Testing is a Software Testing technique that determines the robustness of software by testing beyond the limits of regular operation.

Load Testing

Load Testing Load testing tests the software or component with increasing load, number of concurrent users or transactions is increased and the behavior of the

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is done to find out the defects that arise due to code changes made in existing code like functional enhancements or configuration changes.