Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing: Smoke Testing is a type of testing done to ensure that the acute functionalities of the program are working fine. It is also

Retesting Vs Regression Testing

What is Retesting? Test engineers often find bugs while testing software applications. It is, after all, their undertaking to do so. After assigning these bugs

Equivalence Partitioning in Testing

Equivalence partitioning is a black box testing technique that allows testers to group input data into sets or classes, reducing the number of test cases

Different Test Design Techniques

Different Test Design Techniques What is the Software Testing Technique? Software Testing Techniques help you design better test cases. Since exhaustive testing is impossible, Manual

How to Write Test Cases

Writing compelling test cases is an essential part of software testing. Test cases help ensure your software functions correctly and meets the specified requirements. Here’s

Test Scenario Vs Test Case

  Test Scenario Vs Test Case What is a Test Case? Test cases are sets of actions that are executed to verify particular features or

Types of Software Testing

Testing is the process of executing a program to find errors. To make our software perform well, it should be error-free. If testing is done