Python for Testers #19 – Dictionary Methods in Python

In this Python for Testers Tutorial series we will learn about Dictionary methods in Python. Python Dictionary methods are built in methods in python which are used to manipulate dictionary values and get the required information from dictionaries in Python. Some of the dictionary methods in Python 3 which we will learn in this tutorial are as follows:

✅ get()- Returns the value for specified key in the dictionary

✅ keys()- Returns a copy of dictionaries key

✅ items()- Returns a copy for dictionaries key value pair

✅ values()- Returns a copy of the values in the dictionaries

✅ pop()- Removes the item with the specified key

✅ popitem()- Remove the arbitrary key:value pair

✅ item()- Adds the specified key-value pairs to dictionary

✅ copy()- Returns a copy of the dictionary

✅ clear()- Removes all the items of the dictionary

This python dictionary methods tutorial will cover all the key details about what are python dictionary methods and how you can use python dictionary methods in python programming.