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JIRA Tutorial #13 – How to Remove Issues from JIRA Epic

In this JIRA Tutorial, we will learn how to remove issues from JIRA Epic. Removing issues from JIRA Epic is a very simple process. In this video tutorial, I will explain the steps to remove issues from any EPIC in Jira.

JIRA Tutorial #11 – How to add Stories in JIRA | User Stories in JIRA

In this JIRA Tutorial, we will learn how to add Stories in JIRA. We will also understand what are User stories in Jira. I will also explain in brief about what are Stories or User Story in Agile?

JIRA Tutorial #3 – What is JIRA project | Introduction to JIRA project

In this JIRA tutorial, we will understand what is the JIRA project and Introduction to the JIRA project. We will walk through different types of JIRA products and supported project types in these JIRA products.

JIRA Tutorial #41 – JIRA Beginners Training Conclusion

This tutorial is the wrap-up for JIRA beginners training course, I have summarised the training by restating the main points. Please subscribe to my channel as I will be posting new tutorials soon.

JIRA Tutorial #40 – Linking issues in JIRA | Link JIRA Issues

In this tutorial, we will learn about linking issues in JIRA. JIRA provides excellent functionality to link JIRA issues based on different dependencies between issues which makes it really easy to find issues and the association between issues.

JIRA Tutorial #38 – JIRA Time Tracking | Logging Time in JIRA Issue

In this tutorial, we will learn how you can log time against issues in JIRA. Logging time against issues on daily basis helps in proper reporting and project tracking. JIRA time tracking helps in understanding the amount of effort utilized on an issue and the remaining effort to finish the...

JIRA Tutorial #35 – Find Completed Issues in JIRA Project

In this tutorial, you will learn about how you can see what has been done in any JIRA project or what issue has been completed in any JIRA project. There are multiple ways to see the done status. You will learn about different ways to look into the issue status...

JIRA Tutorial #4 – JIRA Issue Types | JIRA Standard Issue Types

JIRA tutorial # 4 - Learn about JIRA issue types in this tutorial, this Atlassian JIRA tutorial series covers all the aspect of JIRA tool for using it in the Agile development projects.