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JIRA Tutorial #3 – What is JIRA project | Introduction to JIRA project

In this JIRA tutorial, we will understand what is the JIRA project and Introduction to the JIRA project. We will walk through different types of JIRA products and supported project types in these JIRA products.

JIRA Tutorial #11 – JIRA Project Types | What is JIRA project?

In this JIRA tutorial, you will learn about JIRA project types and what is JIRA project. JIRA project creation is very simple process and you can setup JIRA project in few minutes once you understand the different types of projects supported by Atlassian JIRA.

JIRA Administration Tutorial #17 – JIRA Project Settings Walkthrough

In this Jira Administration tutorial, we will learn how to create a project from scratch in JIRA. We will also walk through various project settings for the JIRA project.

JIRA Administration Tutorial #16 – How to Create New Project in Jira

In this JIRA administrator tutorial, we will learn How to Create a New Project in Jira. We will also learn how to configure the JIRA project after creating it. We will also learn about creating a project with sample data or with shared configuration with other projects in JIRA.

What is JIRA Project – Introduction to JIRA Project

Learn about JIRA projects in detail - JIRA project is a collection of JIRA issues with pre-defined workflow. The issues follow the defined workflow from start to finish until all the project tasks are done and the project can be marked as complete. Atlassian JIRA has different flavors of software to...