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SoapUI Tutorial #28 – SoapUI Assertions JSON | JSONPath Assertion

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about JSONPath's assertion in soapui.We will cover some of the key JSON path assertions supported in soapui like:JsonPath CountJsonPath Existence MatchJsonPath MatchJsonPath RegEx Match

SoapUI Tutorial #27 – SoapUI Script Assertion for XML Response

In this Soapui tutorial, we will learn how to perform Script assertion for XML response in SoapUI.In the REST APIs, the response is in JSON or XML format and you can do script assertion for both the response formats.In this video, I will explain how to perform script assertion...

SoapUI Tutorial #12 – Assertions in SoapUI | Assertion Categories

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about basic Assertions in SoapUI. We will cover basic assertion categories like contains assertion, not contains assertion, SLA assertion, TestStep specific assertion, compliance assertions, and more.