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SoapUI Tutorial #30 -Run TestCase, TestSuite, Project from CommandLine

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn how to run test cases, test suite, or the whole soapui project from the command line.

SoapUI Tutorial #29 – Execute TestCase, TestSuite and Project from GUI

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn how to execute the TestCase, TestSuite, and Project from GUI of SoapUI. SoapUI provides functionality to run the individual test case or set of test cases together.

SoapUI Tutorial #28 – SoapUI Assertions JSON | JSONPath Assertion

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about JSONPath's assertion in soapui. We will cover some of the key JSON path assertions supported in soapui like: JsonPath Count JsonPath Existence Match JsonPath Match JsonPath RegEx Match

SoapUI Tutorial #27 – SoapUI Script Assertion for XML Response

In this Soapui tutorial, we will learn how to perform Script assertion for XML response in SoapUI. In the REST APIs, the response is in JSON or XML format and you can do script assertion for both the response formats. In this video, I will explain how to perform script assertion...

SoapUI Tutorial #26 – Script Assertion in SoapUI | Demo and Examples

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn about Script Assertion in SoapUI with demonstration and examples. We will be working with real-time Asana APIs and demonstration script assertion step by step along with examples.

SoapUI Tutorial #25 – Transfer Property Value to JSON Body of REST API

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will learn how to transfer or pass a property value to the JSON body of the next request in SoapUI property transfer. You will learn how to set up property transfer to get the dynamic response from one REST API request and pass it to...

SoapUI Tutorial #24 – Property Transfer to JSON Body of POST Request

In this SoapUI Tutorial, we will learn about SoapUI property transfer to the JSON body. In many scenarios, you will need to Property Transfer from a TestCase response to a request in different TestCase. In this example, we will cover step by step how to transfer the JSON values from...

SoapUI Tutorial #23 – REST API E2E Test Automation for CRUD Operations

In this SoapUI Tutorial, we will learn how to automate the REST API end-to-end test case for CRUD operations. This is part 2 of 2 which will give you step by step understanding about removing hard-coded values in REST API requests.