Software Testing

What is Verification

Verification represents static testing techniques. Verification ensures that the software documents comply with the organizations standards, it is static analysis technique. Verification answer’s the question

What are Test Results

Reporting test execution results is very important part of testing, whenever test execution cycle is complete, tester should make a complete test results report which

What is Test Data

Test data is the data that is used in tests of a software system. In order to test a software application you need to enter

What is Test Strategy

The test levels to be performed in testing and the description of testing activities within those test levels is known as test strategy. There are

Test Case Document

Test case document is also a part of test deliverables, by reading test case document stakeholders get an idea about the quality of test cases

Test Plan Document

Test Plan document is also the part of test deliverables because by test plan document the stakeholders get to know about the scope, approach, objectives

What are Test Deliverables

Test Deliverables are the artifacts which are given to the stakeholders of software project during the software development lifecycle. There are different test deliverables at

How to write good Test Cases

Every tester writes test cases however many times the test cases are rejected by reviewers because of bad quality, in order to write good test

Sample Test Case Template

IEEE 829 Standard : Test case template As per IEEE 829 standard the test case should have the following information in Test case. Different organizations

What is TestCase?

A test case is a documentation which specifies input values, expected output and the preconditions for executing the test. IEEE Standard 610 (1990) defines test

How to write a Test Plan

Writing a good test plan is very easy, you just need to have an organized approach. You need to understand the purpose of testing before