Test Design Techniques

Equivalence Partitioning in Testing

Equivalence partitioning is a black box testing technique that allows testers to group input data into sets or classes, reducing the number of test cases

Different Test Design Techniques

Different Test Design Techniques What is the Software Testing Technique? Software Testing Techniques help you design better test cases. Since exhaustive testing is impossible, Manual

Boundary Value Analysis in Testing

Boundary value analysis (BVA) is a software testing technique to identify and test a system’s input and output boundaries. It is beneficial for finding errors

What is Test Designing?

Test design defines “HOW” something can be tested. It identifies the test cases by elaborating the test conditions identified in test analysis phase or from

Multiple Condition Coverage

Condition coverage is correlated to decision coverage as whenever any decision is to be taken, focus will be on number of possible conditions. Multiple Condition

Multiple Condition Decision Coverage

Multiple Condition Decision Coverage(MCDC) is also known as Modified Condition Decision Coverage. In MCDC each condition should be evaluated at least once which affects the