Product Risk Vs Project Risk

What is Product Risk

Product risk is the risk associated with the software or system, the possibility that software or system may fail to satisfy end user/customers expectations is known as product risk.

There may be the possibility that the software or system does not have the functionality specified by the customer or the stakeholders which leads to unsatisfactory software.

Unsatisfactory software has risk and has the possibility of failure which can cause major functional damage.

Low quality software can have many problems like functionality, reliability, usability or performance.

What is Project Risk

As we know that testing is an activity and so it is subject to risk which may endanger the project, so we can say that the risks associated with the testing activity which can endanger the test project cycle is known as project risk.

In order to deal with project risks we need to apply concepts like identifying, prioritizing and managing the project risks.

Some of the risks associated with project are:

  1. Delay in the test build to test team.
  2. Unavailability of test environment.
  3. Delay in fixing test environment due to lack of system admin.
  4. Delay in fixing defects by development team.
  5. Organizational problems which can be like shortage of staff. Required skills etc.
  6. Major changes in the SRS which invalidates the test cases and requires changes in the test case.

For all the project risks the risk mitigation plan should be in place.