What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox add on which supports record/playback mechanism as some other commercial tools like RFT,QTP,Winrunner etc.

By using selenium IDE user can record and playback test cases in Firefox browser.

Tester can export the test cases from selenium IDE in any of the native language supported by selenium like Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby etc. These tests can then be modified according to the test case. You can also insert breakpoints in IDE.

Disadvantages of Selenium IDE

  1. It does not supports looping or conditional statements. Tester has to use native languages to write logic in the test case.
  2. It does not supports test reporting, you have to use selenium RC with some external reporting pligin like TestNG or JUint to get test execution report.
  3. Error handling is also not supported depending on the native language for this.