Introduction to Testing Processes

Testing Processes

This section focuses on the whole testing process and what all activities are carried out within that process.

Fundamental Test Process

In foundation level syllabus we have already gone through fundamental test process. For advanced level we just need to refine and optimize the process more to fit better with development life cycle. The refined activities are as follows.

  1. Planning, monitoring and control
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Execution
  6. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting
  7. Test closure activities

These refined activities are bit different that what we learned in ISTQB foundation level exam. In foundation level exam we learned test process activities as follows.

  1. Planning and Control
  2. Analysis and Design
  3. Implementation and Execution
  4. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting
  5. Test closure activities

The reason of refining these test process activities is that although these activities in the process may overlap or take place concurrently, you need to tailor these activities to best fit with software development life cycle and to facilitate better test monitoring and control. In the next articles we will go through each of these refined test process levels one by one.