What is Test Implementation?

In test implementation phase test manager ensures that all the pre-requisites are handled to start the test execution.

For example: he needs to ensure that all the test procedures are organized and available to tester, the clear guideline of who will execute which test cases, when and with what data is being defined. The timeline of test execution is also finalized. The tools to be used by testers are in place and checking that the entry criteria has been met.

What is Test Implementation?
What is Test Implementation?

Test manager also needs to ensure that test data or test data generation tools are available to testers.

Apart from test data, test environment for executing test cases should also be in place.

During test implementation, test manager has also to liaise with the IT infrastructure team and figure out the test environment availability and configuration.

He also needs to ensure that test analysts have configured the test environment as per the guidelines and verify that its ready for starting test execution.

Test implementation also includes automation scripting. Automated test scripts should be properly implemented to ensure good return on investment.