Objectives of Software Testing

Objectives of Testing

The main aim of testing is to maintain the quality of the product. Also, testing has its cycle; in each phase, all focus revolves only around quality Let’s have a look over the various objectives of testing:
  • Identification of Bugs and Errors
  • Delivering Quality Product
  • Justification with Requirement
  • Increasing Confidence in the Product
  • Enhanced Growth

Identification of Bugs and Errors

Once the developer finishes coding, the tester starts testing. During testing, QA validates each module under various conditions. Afterward, they collect all the errors & bugs and forward them to the developer to fix. With modern advancements like AI/ML for test case generation, better analysis, and execution, the testing processes can now deliver better products. Other methods include Shift-Left Testing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Testing, which helps maximize test coverage.

Delivering Quality Product

The main aim of testing is to maintain the quality of the product. Also, testing has its cycle; in each phase, all focus revolves only around quality. These include using the core testing methods to perform functional testing and non-functional testing. The emergence of DevOps combined with Quality Assurance (QA) to utilize QAOps along with Agile methodologies has undoubtedly boosted the overall productivity to deliver quality products.

Justification with Requirement

The QA team validates whether the application follows the SRS (System Requirement Specification) document during testing. Testing for user experience and implementing API testing helps validate the product’s business requirements.

Increasing Confidence in the Product

The testing team constantly checks the features of the software. It must fulfill the business demand and drive confidence. Security, performance, and scalability testing enabled through automation with CI/CD pipelines through DevOps helps build and increase confidence. This assures the reliability of the product.

Enhanced Growth

A quality delivery increases the potential of a business. And we all know quality comes through testing only. Increased ROI through proper testing helps in the sustained and continuous growth of the product. Business and user goals are adequately met with higher revenues and improved cost efficiency.

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about the objectives of software testing. There are many Software Testing objectives and we are going to discuss about 4 key objectives of software testing. We will cover following software testing objectives which will help you software testing interviews.

✅ Find Defects/Prevent Defects

✅ Determine if the software meets customer expectations

✅ Determine that the software is fit for use

✅ To ensure good quality