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What is Unit Testing/Component Testing

Unit testing is a software development practice that involves individual units or components of a software application in isolation. A unit is the smallest testable

Levels in Software Testing

Testing levels, or Levels of Testing, are a procedure for locating defective areas while preventing errors in development life cycle stages. This procedure or these

Objectives of Software Testing

Objectives of Testing The main aim of testing is to maintain the quality of the product. Also, testing has its cycle; in each phase, all

What is Integration Testing

Integration Testing Integration testing is a type of software testing where components of the software are gradually integrated and then tested as a unified group.

What is System Testing

What is System Testing? System testing, also called system-level testing or system Integration Testing, is the process in which a quality assurance team evaluates how

What is White Box Testing

White box testing uses extensive knowledge of an application’s internals to develop highly targeted test cases. Examples of tests that might be performed during white

What is Functional Testing

What is Functional Testing? Functional Testing is a type of software testing that validates the software system against the applicable requirements/specifications. Available tests test each