Levels in Software Testing

Testing levels, or Levels of Testing, are a procedure for locating defective areas while preventing errors in development life cycle stages. This procedure or these

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a way to ensure quality in the software. The set of activities provides processes, procedures, and standards that are suitable for

Waterfall Development Model

Waterfall Development Model The waterfall model is one of the earliest models to be designed. It is a sequential software development process. In the waterfall

Prototyping Model

Prototyping model was developed to counter the limitations of waterfall model. The basic idea behind prototyping model is that instead of freezing the requirements before

What is Agile Testing

What Is Agile Testing? Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the Agile software development methodology. In Agile development, projects evolve during each

What is Quality Control

1. Quality Control is concerned with the software product being developed. It measures and controls the quality of the software as it is being developed.