Quality Assurance vs Quality Control


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance makes the software application with fewer defects and mistakes when it is finally released to the end users. Quality Assurance is defined as an activity that ensures the approaches, techniques, methods, and processes designed for the projects are implemented correctly. It recognizes defects in the process. Quality Assurance is completed before Quality Control. 

  • It focuses on preventing defects.
  • It is a proactive process and is preventive.
  • It helps to recognize flaws in the process.
  • These activities monitor and verify that the processes used to manage and create deliverables have been followed. 

Quality Control

Quality Control is a software engineering process that ensures that the approaches, techniques, methods, and processes designed for the project are followed correctly. Quality control activities operate and verify that the application meets the defined quality standards. 

  • It focuses on examining the quality of the end products and the final outcome rather than the processes used to create a product.
  • It is a reactive process and is detection in nature.
  • These activities monitor and verify that the project deliverables meet the defined quality standards.
Quality AssuranceQuality Control
1. Process Driven Approach: It is a process to monitor and improve existing quality processes.1. Concerned with Product: It measures and controls the quality of the software as it is being developed.
2. Quality Assurance ensures that the processes designed for the product development and services are effective enough to meet the objectives.2. Quality Control ensures that the final product is error free and satisfactory.
3. Quality Assurance focuses on defect prevention.3. Quality Control finds product defects.