Test Case Management in PractiTest – Test Library Module

PractiTest Test Case Management module enables you to organise your test cases and link them to requirements in order to get traceability.

Test cases are a vital part of the software testing process and keep growing as the complexity of the product increases.

What is a PractiTest

PractiTestis is a SaaS-based end-to-end test case management platform covering the entire QA process.
It supports documenting requirements, providing mapping of requirements to test cases, ability create/run/edit test cases, log defects within the platform and integrate them into a defect management system, and finally, providing better visibility and control through all these interactions via beautiful reports and dashboards; that can be easily shared within teams.

How does PractiTest differentiate itself from other tools?

The main problems with growing test cases are maintaining them, gauging test coverage, and ensuring they are relevant to rapidly changing product features. PractiTest is built to address these problems by making test cases as reusable as possible.
Once a test case is created within PractiTest, any changes made to the test case in any location on the platform are automatically reflected throughout the application. This helps to save a considerable amount of time and effort during testing.
For example, let’s say the company has distributed teams, and multiple teams are working on the same feature. There will be instances where several teams will rework the same test cases numerous times. It does not make sense if different versions of the same test cases exist, consuming unwanted time, effort, and cost to the company.
Instead, PractiTest will ensure a change in the test case is reflected in all locations throughout the platform to eliminate these problems.

PraciTest – Basic Features

Several tools, features, plugins, and integrations are available within PractiTest. We will walk through the platform for first-time users and highlight the main features of the platform.


PraciTest has five essential modules:

Requirements: All the application requirements are created and stored in this module.

Test Library: All tests are designed and stored in this module.

Test Sets: Tests created in the Test Library can be run differently in the Test Sets module.

Issue: In the issue module, you can add, view, and modify your issues.

Reports: This module helps to create reports & dashboards with professionally pre-defined templates and customizations.

Watch the video below to learn more about test library module in PractiTest.