Types of Software Testing

In Software Testing you can classify testing in many types according to the specific test requirement which it addresses. There are many types of testing, we have mentioned some of the test types below, we recommend you to read types of testing in Must read section below as well.

Accessibility Testing

The testing which determines the ease of usage of any system or software by end users with disabilities is known as accessibility testing.

Ad-hoc Testing

Ad-hoc testing is not carried out formally, there is no formal documentation, no test preparation, no test design techniques used and end results are also not expected.

Agile Testing

Testing done for the projects which is using agile development methodologies like Xtreme Programming(XP) and following test first design paradigm is known as agile testing. In agile testing test driven development is followed in which the development is considered as a customer of testing.

Mutation Testing or Back to Back Testing

In back to back testing two or more variants of the software component or system are executed with the same set of inputs and the outcome of both components is compared and checked for any discrepancies.

Big Bang Testing

It is a type of Integration Testing, in this testing the software components or hardware components or both are combined all at once to form a major component or a whole system. It does not combine components in stages as in top down or bottom up approach.

Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing tests the software for compliance with various policies like organizational policies or Industry standard policies.

Concurrency Testing

As the name suggests concurrency testing tests the concurrent operation on the software. It tests how the software will handle two or more activities at the same time interval.

Data Driven Testing

In data driven testing the test input and expected results are stored in a table or spreadsheet and a single script is executes all the test inputs in the spreadsheet.

Data Integrity Testing or Database Integrity Testing

Database integrity testing tests the processes and methods used to access database to make sure that the processes and methods work as expected and data is not corrupted, deleted, updated during the access to the database.

Documentation Testing

Documentation testing is done to test the quality of various software documentation like user guides, install guides, help etc.

Exhaustive Testing

Testing all the possible combinations of input values and preconditions is know as exhaustive testing.

Isolation Testing

In isolation testing the individual components are tested in isolation without the surrounding components and if required the surrounding components are simulated by STUB or DRIVER.