Verification and Validation in Software Testing

Verification and Validation in Software Testing

Verification and Validation investigates whether a software system satisfies specifications and standards and fulfills the required purpose.


Checking that  the software achieves its goal without any bugs is known as verification. It is the process to ensure the developed product is correct. It verifies whether the developed product fulfills the requirements that we have. Verification is known as Static Testing.

Static Testing

Verification Testing is known as Static Testing, and it can be termed as checking whether we are developing the right product or not and whether our software is fulfilling the customer’s requirement. Here are some of the activities that are involved in verification.

  • Inspections
  • Reviews
  • Walkthroughs
  • Desk-checking


Validation is checking whether the software product is up to the mark or, in other words, the product has high-level requirements. It is the process of reviewing the Validation of the product, i.e., it checks what we are developing is the right product. It is a validation of actual and expected products. Validation is known as Dynamic Testing.

Dynamic Testing

Validation Testing is known as Dynamic Testing, in which we examine whether we have developed the product correctly or not and also about the client’s business needs. Here are some of the activities that are involved in Validation.

  1. Black Box Testing
  2. White Box Testing
  3. Unit Testing
  4. Integration Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about the differences between verification vs validation in software testing. Verification versus validation is similar to static testing and dynamic testing. Verification is static testing and validation is dynamic testing in software testing.

Static testing or verification is testing of software documents like requirements, software code, design documents, plans etc. without executing the code, however, validation is to test the software after executing the application.

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