What are Test Deliverables

What are Test Deliverables

Test Deliverables are the artifacts which are given to the stakeholders of software project during the software development lifecycle. There are different test deliverables at every phase of the software development lifecycle. Some test deliverables are provided before testing phase, some are provided during the testing phase and some after the testing cycles is over.

The different types of Test deliverables are:


Test Case Document

A test document is a document of artifacts created before or during software Testing. It helps the testing team estimate the effort needed, test coverage, resource tracking, execution progress, etc. It is a complete suite of documents that allows you to describe and document test planning, test design, test execution, and test results drawn from the testing activity.

Test Plan

A test plan is a document that consists of all future testing-related activities. It is prepared at the project level, and in general, it defines work products to be tested, how they will be tested, and test type distribution among the testers.

Test Strategy

The Test strategy document is a high-level document that outlines the testing technique used in the Software Development Life Cycle and confirms the test kinds or levels that will be performed on the product.

Test Script

Test Scripts are a line-by-line description containing the information about the system transactions that should be performed to validate the application or system under test. The test script should list each step that should be taken with the expected results.

Test Data

A production-like set of data test cases used to determine whether an application is working correctly. Test data is usually collected into a document called a test data document that helps organize it so testers can easily access it when they run their tests.


Stands for Requirement Traceability matrix. RTM maps all the requirements with the test cases. By using this document, one can verify test cases cover all functionality of the application as per the requirements of the customer.

Test Report

Test Report is a document that contains a summary of all test activities and final test results of a testing project. The test report is an assessment of how well the Testing is performed. Based on the test report, stakeholders can evaluate the quality of the tested product and decide on the software release.

Test Summary Report

Test Summary is as simple as the name suggests.  It also known as a Test Closure Report. Provides the relevant stakeholders with a detailed account of the overall test results and defects. It aims to summarize the results of the entire testing process formally.

Defect Report

A defect report is a document that has concise details about what defects are identified, what action steps make the defects show up, and what are the expected results instead of the application showing error (defect) while taking particular step-by-step actions.

Release Notes

Release notes are a document that is released as part of the final build that contains new enhancements that went in as part of that release and also the known issues of that build. Technical writers usually write Release Notes and communication documents shared with clients. Release notes also feed the process of end-user documentation, user guides, and training materials.


The artifacts that are sent to the stakeholders of a software project during the STLC are known as Test Deliverables. We had a look at the most critical Test Deliverables in this article.